Videos ARDD 2023
Alex Zhavoronkov at ARDD2023 - Longevity Medicine Day: Targeting aging with AI-based drug discovery
ARDD2023 28.08 Alex Zhavoronkov
Pharma.AI: Commercially-available AI-Platform with Reinforcement Learning from Expert Human and Experimental Feedback for Acceleration of Drug Discovery and Aging Research
ARDD2023 30.08 Petrina Kamya, Frank Pun
Aging Research and Generative AI as a Platform for Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery: multi-modal multi-omics and multi-species transformer-based age generators for target and drug discovery
ARDD2023 01.09 Alex Zhavoronkov
Emerging Tech Workshop: Multi-modal artificial intelligence platform for predicting and optimizing clinical trial outcomes
ARDD2023 28.08 Aisyah Jamil
Morten Scheibye-Knudsen at ARDD2023: Data-driven interventions in aging
ARDD2023 31.08 Morten Scheibye-Knudsen
John Sedivy at ARDD2023: The Aging Human Repeatome: Connections to Chronic Inflammation
ARDD2023 29.08 John Sedivy
Tony Wyss-Coray at ARDD2023: The plasma proteome as sensor of organ physiology and aging
ARDD2023 29.08 Tony Wyss-Coray
Eduardo Chini at ARDD2023: CD38 as a target for age-related metabolic dysfunction: from basic science to translation.
ARDD2023 01.09 Eduardo Chini
Evelyne Bischof at ARDD2023 - Longevity Medicine Day: Healthy longevity medicine in the clinic developing guidelines and educating physicians
ARDD2023 28.08 Evelyne Bischof
Evelyne Bischof at ARDD2023: Geroncology and healthy longevity medicine - the crossroads, status quo and outlook
ARDD2023 29.08 Evelyne Bischof
Healthy Longevity Medicine Society at ARDD2023: Clinical cases in longevity medicine
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day
Longevity Medicine Day: Aging, Cellular Senescence, and Senolytics: The Path to Translation
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, James Kirkland
Longevity Medicine Day: Stem cell aging: From basic science to lifestyle interventions for rejuvenation
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Thomas A. Rando
Longevity Medicine Day: The Economics of Longevity
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Michael Ringel
Longevity Medicine Day: From geroscience to gerotherapeutics
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Nir Barzilai
Longevity Medicine Day: Longevity medicine therapeutics: applied geroprotective interventions, drug repurposing and discovery, RCTs
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Joan Mannick
Longevity Medicine Day: A Novel DNA Methylation Clock Resilient to Changes in Immune Composition
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Eric Verdin
Longevity Medicine Day: Longevity Departments at a public hospital
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Tzipora Strauss
Longevity Medicine Day: Evidence based interventions to prolong health and lifespan in humans
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Andrea B. Maier
Longevity Medicine Day: Senolytics - lessons from clinical trials from brain tumors
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Li Wenbin
Longevity Medicine Day: Challenges in Behavioral Health, Longevity Medicine and Clinical and Translational Science
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Harold Pincus
Longevity Medicine Day: Longevity in People with Severe Mental Illness: Adding Years to Life and Life to Years
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Christoph Correll
Longevity Medicine Day: The challenges of longevity medicine in primary care practice
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Jordan Shlain
Longevity Medicine Day: Genetic Basis of Aging and Physical Fitness in Healthy Longevity
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Christine Huang
Longevity Medicine Day: A combination of metformin and galantamine exhibits synergistic benefits in the treatment of sarcopenia
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Evi Mercken
Longevity Medicine Day: Practical application of longevity science into a medical practice. Correlation of biological clocks, medical biomarkers and most effective interventions
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Dariusz Sołdacki
Longevity Medicine Day: Longitudinal longevity data analysis - insights and lessons from a decade of Insidetrack-ing
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day, Gil Blander
Longevity Medicine Day: Panel: Digital biomarker platforms in longevity medicine
ARDD2023, Longevity Medicine Day
Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop: Longevity GPT: Large Language Models for Longevity
ARDD2023, Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop, Anton Kulaga
Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop: Quantum Healthy Longevity: From Cells to Cities
ARDD2023, Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop, Tina Woods
Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop: Buddhist Meditation for a Healthy Brain
ARDD2023, Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop, Andrea Olsen
Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop: Potentials and pitfalls of psychedelic therapy
ARDD2023, Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop, David Erritzoe
Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop: What is decentralize Science?
ARDD2023, Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop, Max Unfried
Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop: Rational design approaches to the discovery of novel cryoprotectants
ARDD2023, Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop, Alexandra Stolzing
Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop: Reproductive Ageing in the Age of Decentralization
ARDD2023, Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop, Maria Marinova
Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop: Building LongBio Companies: From Zero to one
ARDD2023, Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop, Sebastian Brunemeier
Epigenetic control of stem cell aging and rejuvenation
ARDD2023, Thomas A. Rando
Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop: Longevity Biotech Fellowship: A community to build, join, and invest in revolutionary longevity biotech project
ARDD2023, Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop, Mark Hamalainen
Supplements to improve the function of physiological systems in humans
ARDD2023, Andrea Maier
Expanding the horizons of proteins in aging research: energetics and splicing variants!
ARDD2023, Luigi Ferrucci
Cellular aging and organelle connectivity
ARDD2023, Sabrina Büttner
Developing small molecule therapy targeting the hallmarks of aging
ARDD2023, Toren Finkel
VC panel at ARDD2023
ARDD2023, VC panel
Do longevity interventions repair age-related collagen crosslinking?
ARDD2023, Collin Ewald
Cellular Senescence and Human Longevity
ARDD2023, Yousin Suh
Activation of GNAQ rejuvenates memory in aged animals
ARDD2023, Coleen Murphy
Developing gerotherapeutics by defining mechanisms of action (MoAs)
ARDD2023, Tim Peterson
Causal Epigenetic Age Uncouples Damage and Adaptation
ARDD2023, Kejun Albert Ying
Promoting Longevity through Circadian Clock-Oriented Feeding
ARDD2023, Victoria Acosta Rodriguez
Why fast glycolytic muscle decline first during ageing
ARDD2023, Fabian Finger
Genome instability, aging and disease
ARDD2023, Jan Vijg
The Science and Clinical Application of Biological Age Estimation
ARDD2023, Alexey Moskalev
Gut-liver axis in healthy ageing: microbiome modulates chronic liver disease in mice
ARDD2023, Folkert Kuipers
Human immune aging
ARDD2023, Eric Verdin
Age-induced thiol oxidation predisposes brain for neurodegeneration via aberrant phase separation
ARDD2023, Milos Filipovic
Herbal terpenoids transiently dampen mitochondrial bioenergetics to activate autophagy and mitophagy and protect from metabolic stress and aging
ARDD2023, Gabriele Civiletto
Understanding Protein Homeostasis – Improving Protein Metabolism and Reducing Sarcopenia
ARDD2023, Shih-Yin Tsai
Manipulating Mitochondrial NAD
ARDD2023, Joe Baur
Refeeding-associated AMPKγ1 complex activity is a hallmark of health and longevity
ARDD2023, Roberto Ripa
Transcriptomic and proteomic signatures of longevity
ARDD2023, Vera Gorbunova
The long and short of bats’ extended healthspans
ARDD2023, Emma Teeling
ARDD2023, Mette Kierkgaard
Biomarkers for Human Longevity
ARDD2023, Nir Barzilai
Harnessing the Immune System to Eliminate Senescent Cells & Treat Diseases of Aging
ARDD2023, Robin Mansukhani
Public Markets for IP: First Lessons Financing Longevity Research via Decentralised Science
ARDD2023, Paul Kohlhaas
Extending Healthspan with a Synthetic Immune System
ARDD2023, J. "Scotch" McClure
3 ideas for better longevity
ARDD2023, Rob Konrad
Tales of the molecular garbageman
ARDD2023, Kelsey Moody
Epigenetic reprogramming- A novel gene therapy that restores visual function in a nonhuman primate model of NAION
ARDD2023, Sharon Rosenzweig-Lipson
Developing OMICmAge, a multi-omics informed biological age clock
ARDD2023, Varun Dwaraka
DeSci Panel Discussion
ARDD2023, Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop
Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop: DNA-encoded libraries to discover novel therapeutic molecules for age-related diseases
ARDD2023, Eric Morgen
Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop: Longevity Tech Tree
ARDD2023, Emerging Science& Technologies Workshop, Aaron King
CPH JAZZ at the 10th Aging Research and Drug Discovery conference