Emerging Science & Technologies Workshop
Monday, August 28th
The Emerging Science and Technology Workshop brings together leading experts in the fields of Decentralized Science, Artificial Intelligence, emerging biological techniques, and the latest biohacks to explore the intersections of these disciplines within the context of aging biology and drug discovery. This workshop aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange to advance scientific understanding and accelerate the development of novel therapeutic interventions.
  • Maximilian Unfried
    National University of Singapore & VitaDAO
  • Prof. Alexandra Stolzing
    Loughborough University, Centre for Biological Engineering, Loughborough, UK
  • Tina Woods
    Founder & CEO, Collider Health, UK
  • Eric Morgen, PhD
    Co-founder, BioAge Labs, USA
  • Peter Fedichev, PhD
    CEO, Gero, Singapore
  • Prof. Emily Sullivan, Ph.D
    Department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Eleanor Davies
    Dealflow Steward, VitaDAO, Canada
  • Tim Peterson, PhD
    BIOIO and VitaDAO
  • Sebastian Brunemeier
    General Partner, Healthspan Capital, USA
  • Dmitry Kriukov
    Researcher, ComputAge
  • Anton Kulaga
    Systems Biology of Aging Group, Romanian Academia an Just-DNA-Seq Open Source Project
  • Andrea Olsen
    CEO, The Youth Longevity Association

  • Maria Marinova, PhD
    Dealflow Lead, AthenaDAO
  • Dr. David Erritzoe
    Deputy Head and Clinical Director of Centre for Psychedelic Research, Imperial College
  • Prof. Konstantin Khodosevich
    Biotech Research & Innovation Centre, University of Copenhagen
  • Maria Koval
    Just-DNA-Seq Open Source Project
  • Paolo Binetti
  • Estefano Pinilla
    Aarhus University & VitaDAO